Why English Sparkling Wine?

Why English Sparkling Wine?



• In the last 15 years English Sparkling Wine has won 8 trophies for the best International Sparkling Wine and 4 for the best Sparkling Rose

• There are more than 430 Vineyards in England and Wales mostly in the South East

• The average Vineyard size is 3.3 hectares

• It takes at least four years before you can harvest the grape when you start a Vineyard

• Britain produces more than 6 million bottles of wine a year

• 60% of the UK’s wine production is Sparkling Wine

• Long ago Britain was part of the European landmass and large swaths of South-East England were joined to what is France’s modern day Champagne

• Due to the changing climate/Global warming French Vineyard owners are buying up land in the South East of England as the terroir is very similar to Champagne and they are worried that its getting too hot in France.

• Dec 2015 Taittinger bought 69 hectares of farmland in Kent 40 hectares of which will be planted with Vines to produce English Sparkling Wine