Who are we?

English Sparkling Wine Tours was started in 2016 by Mike Keeble who had a vision to promote his local Surrey vineyards to the world.

Recently, he was joined by Nathan Meyers who, since 2011, has been promoting English Wines thru London’s original, and multiple award-winning, exclusively English wine merchant; Wine Pantry.

Nathan Meyers

Nathan Meyers

Why English wine? Because it’s Great!
Indeed, the best of our wines are good enough to compete with, and beat, wines from around the world at international competitions every year. Yet customer awareness of this wonderful national produce continues to lag far behind that of imported wines: despite the United Kingdom being the world’s sixth-largest consumer of wine, only around 0.25% of what we drink is produced on our own soil.

Now due to Climate change and the perfect Terroir,in the South of England we can produce Sparkling Wine which is some experts say as good as and indeed better than the French version.

This appears to be confirmed by the famous Champagne house Taittinger buying up 69 hectares In Kent as part of a multi-million pound investment over the next 10 years. Their long-term plan is to produce 300,000 bottles of English Sparkling Wine.

Allow us to share the amazing abundance of excellent of Sparkling Wines with you and get the message out there as this is one of England’s best kept secrets!