Who are we?

Just before Christmas I organised a trip for a group of friends to go to the Champagne region of France to do tours and tasting of their famous Vineyards and bubbly.

Managing Director

The trip was a great success and then it struck me that within a radius of 6 miles from my front door there are some delightful Vineyards that produce award winning amazing Sparkling Wines.

Now due to Climate change and the perfect Terroir,in the South of England we can produce Sparkling Wine which is some experts say as good as and indeed better than the French version.

This appears to be confirmed by the famous Champagne house Taittinger buying up 69 hectares In Kent as part of a multi-million pound investment over the next 10 years. Their long-term plan is to produce 300,000 bottles of English Sparkling Wine.

I realised there should be a business providing tours of the Sparkling Wine Vineyards and hence I set the tour company up.

It is based in the beautiful Surrey Hills village of Shere www.sheredelight.com where a number of Hollywood films such as “The Holiday” were shot.

Setting up the company has made me spend a lot of time researching the whole subject and the more I find out the more I get excited and realise the potential of what we have right on my doorstep.

I want to share the amazing abundance of excellent of Sparkling Wines with you and get the message out there as this is one of England’s best kept secrets!!